Bases BUC NH

91220400 Base BUC T00 160 A
91220401Base BUC T00 160 A ILF
91220410 Base BUC T1 250A
91220411Base BUC T1 250A ILF
91220420Base BUC T2 400A
91220421 Base BUC T2 400A ILF
91220430 Base BUC T3 630A
91220432 Base BUC T3 630A CGP
91220440 Base BUC T4 1250A
91220445 Base BUC T4a 1600A

BUC tripolar T00/1/2/3

91220500BUC III T00 160A
91220510BUC III T1 250A
91220520BUC III T2 400A
91220530BUC III T3 630A

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