About us

Aparel was established on the year 1972 by Mr. Lluís Puig Vila; initially with the trade name “Comercial Aparellajes Puig”. Lately on November 1987 changed to the actual trade name of “Aparellaje Electrotécnico S.A.”. Aparel is managed and directed by Mr. Pere Puig since 1998.


Aparel specialises in manufacturing and marketing materials for the low voltage electrical sector, as Spain’s leading auxiliary company for major manufacturers in the sector.

The Aparel facilities currently occupy two buildings in the town of Lliçà de Vall in the province of Barcelona, with a total production area of over 1,500 m2.

  • Our technological and human team gives Aparel the agility and flexibility to respond to any demand in the ever-changing electricity market, which has major fluctuations in demand, and we are specialists in manufacturing special parts, customised and tailored to our clients’ requirements.
  • At its production warehouse near Barcelona, Aparel has a surface treatment installation, with plating baths for silver, copper and tin coatings, giving us speed and autonomy in the finish of contact parts. It also gives us an added link with our clients, who outsource the final treatment of their own pieces to us.
  • At Aparel, we also manufacture sensors for single-use electrocardiography electrodes – technology that is possible thanks to the metallic silver coating on plastic, as patented by Mr Pere Puig.
  • For over 10 years, we at Aparel have been broadening our distribution horizons beyond our borders, and the turnover of our export department now accounts for 40% of our production volume.


At Aparel, what is most important are the people who make up our team, because thanks to their work every day, we are able to develop our business, and guarantee that we can provide the maximum value for our clients by offering them the best service with the highest levels of quality assurance.

So at Aparel we are committed to continuous training and professional development for all, so that together, we can meet today’s great challenges, and those of the future.


At Aparel we carry out thorough checks on all the products we deliver to our customers, thereby ensuring that they operate perfectly, with no problems for our clients.


Thanks to the versatility of our employees and the flexibility of our structure, at Aparel we are specialists in supplying all kinds of production batches. We can manufacture large batches automatically, and produce a small batch, all with very tight delivery deadlines.


We have close and friendly relationships with our clients, deliver material in stock within 24 hours and special productions in a week. This all makes the experience of working with us a pleasant and comfortable process for our clients.