Galvanic baths – a world of possibilities

At our galvanic bath facilities near Barcelona we have 300 m2 focused entirely on the surface treatment of parts for our products and clients in the electricity sector.

We have 2 automatic lines operating with a static charge with frames, or dynamically, with pumps.


We deal with surface finishes in copper, silver and tin plating on various non-ferrous materials. We are also specialists in copper-plating cylindrical contacts for fuses. These activities enable us to work for major European companies in the sector.

In addition to surface finishes, we have machinery for degreasing parts either before they receive electrolytic treatment, or for delivery to the client without any residues of cutting or punching oil.


For our clients’ peace of mind, we issue quality certificates for the coatings we have provided. To do this, we check the thicknesses deposited in each batch using x-ray fluorescence testing.

At Aparel we also respect the environment. We carry out continuous checks on the waste generated at our facilities, using a highly developed filtration and recycling system for pollutants.